Once upon a time there were 2 fruits, grape and orange, living peacefully in their food house. One day an evil chef appeared in the village that wanted to eat te fruits. The fruits ran from the chef to hide, but the chef found them! So the fruits gathered all their courage and attacked the chef. After defeating the chef the peace came back and the fruits celebrated.

(So our food costume party was very interesting…)

Octavian’s time to go



Trading: Octavian
Looking for:  Cardboard Furniture set, Safe, Mailman hat, or ABD
Move date: August 13, EST (no time travel)
Additional info:  I really like Octavian, but I’m almost at my goal of having an all pig town….so it’s time for him to go.  There are few items I still need, and I’m not interested in bell or villager offers.  Thank you.
tumblr URL:
Mayor Name/Town Name:  Chris / Flops

FC:  4441- 8903-8358

Re-submitting Stitches


Villager you’re trading:  Stitches
Villager(s) you’re looking for:  none
When your villager moves: Today:  8-31
Additional info:  looking for cardboard furniture, or bell knick-knack.  Someone offered me these things, then never responded to my response, so I’m submitting Stitches again.
Mayor Name/Town Name:  Chris / Flops
FC:  4441-8903-8358

If any of the people who originally messaged me are still interested, please send me a message soon.  Today is the moving date.


Fun “Pulse Fighter” music video ⊟

Whoa, this is really great! I wish Kumazon ( for Bears?) was real. The music is all from Japanese chiptune artist Toriena, and the visuals are courtesy of m7kenji. Toriena just put out an album with Madmilky Records called A.I. Complex — you can preview it here. A digital download version of the album is coming soon.

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awesome video!


Dark Witch’s Story - Chronicle 2D ACT on 3DS in Japan ⊟

Yep, that’s the title. This is a doujin/indie game by circle INSIDE SYSTEM, featuring a composer from the new fighter Under Night In-Birth, and an artist involved with Gaist Crusher. Kinda neat to see doujin-type stuff making it onto 3DS eShop!

I’m also into the look of this game in general. Cute sprites, and kind of a Mega Man-but-also-Kid-Dracula gameplay vibe. It’s out August 6 in Japan.

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Please release this in the US…

Reblog if you’re still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf after all these months

yep…over a year now

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Perfume - Cling Cling @ MUSIC STATION / June 11, 2014

Nic Cage is dating a pig, these are their vacation photos together.  I think they make a cute couple.

Michonne & Merle from the Walking Dead.