Okay, what's your fc? And which items did you want in exchange again?

It really stinks that these messages disappear.  Anyway, my friend code is: 4441-8903-8358.  I know I said the mailman hat….and a few from the flower set…the stereo & something else.  I always forget.  I have 4 of the items waiting for you, we can talk when you come over.  A few of the items I have to get from a friend if I see her, we made the list together.

Reblog if you’re still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf after all these months

yep…over a year now

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Perfume - Cling Cling @ MUSIC STATION / June 11, 2014

Nic Cage is dating a pig, these are their vacation photos together.  I think they make a cute couple.

Michonne & Merle from the Walking Dead.

My Zazzle Store

I created a zazzle shop a few years ago, and was shocked when I got an email that someone actually bought something.  So, I figured if anyone wants to check it out, I’d post a link.



Updated the Golden Girls for Tomodachi Life.

This is hilarious, I’m definitely adding them.

We should all have an alien living on our island.

We should all have an alien living on our island.

Satoru Iwata is blasting off again….

Al Roker & Whoopie Goldberg got married, and then she kicked him out of bed.  Nice Whoopie…